Saturday, April 21, 2001
travesty, when the irish schmuck turns- a-classic-into-muck, it’s a travesty…
okay, so i can’t really set words to Steps music (not one to lose sleep over), but it is completely ludicras to hear (via martin) that Ronan Keating performed a special version of Blur’s ‘Tender’ yesterday on Radio 1. special? special my arse, as I’m sure martin will agree, as he heard the shocking thing. can i launch an anti-ronan campaign? are you with me? and did i mention that i stole this from martin?
and for more scary meg search requests, mosey on over to this page, with everything from ‘slap the slut’ to ‘poodle whore’ to ‘crossdressers in peril’ (all with witty meg styley comments). or look at some more general disturbing search requests. guaranteed to make you laugh
i missed the chance to see jason donovan playing in chester on thursday night. sounds like the only thing i missed was 30 year old women screaming ‘jason we love you’.
if you differentiate a curve, you get the tangent to it. meg (damn, i link to her far too often) has been doing more differentiating of her blog in the last two days than i’ve done on maths papers in the last two weeks. that’s because i haven’t done any maths papers in the last two weeks. i need to add that to my ‘to do list’. by monday. talking of meg, almost as interesting as her blog are her search engine referrals [see the most recent ones]. recent gems include: ‘i want to have sex with my mother in law’ and ‘SWEATY KNICKERS PICTURES’. i told her she could/should write a book about them.
cooking with high voltage! i have got to get me one of those for when i go to uni. if you’re after fucking with high voltage, i suppose you could try the iBrator. because everybody knows [everyone knows what? that “badger loves MASHED POTATO!”? yeah, they know that too. but anyway, i’m digressing. oh, is this a tangent? yay!]. as i was saying. everybody knows things that look like macs are sexy. my iHolepunch (i’ll take a picture later, possibly), for example, makes all other holepunches look like drab middle-aged cardigan wearers.
Friday, April 20, 2001
gah. i’ve spent the last two days working (almost) solidly, and now it’s time to have some blog diarrhoea.
names you can call simon. jesus christ, my parents should’ve taken a look at this one before they named me.
simple simon: yes. and blimey, sometimes i wish i was.
simon says: graybo said it just the other day. hmph.
simon the pieman: well, i’ve never been fat, but yes, it’s been known.
simonella: yes.
semen: oddly enough, fiona mutated my name into simen, which soon turned into semen, and now and then you can hear the call across the courtyard at yale. SEMEN!

meg’s back, and this is good. and in my absence (well, it wasn’t really much of an absense per se), i’ve been taking some random pictures, although they’re not very exciting because i haven’t had much human contact over the last few days. except at work, but they don’t count as human. go and have a look.

something i found via tom c: exploding links, if you will. you create one hyperlink which opens a series of links in new pages. similar to when you visit a porn site (would I?) but the new windows contain pages you actually want to read. i might do that with the daily visit blog things. not this weekend though. not next week. might be months. did i mention that i have to work 8am-8pm on sunday? yes, woolworths are moving things around and muggins has been drafted in to help this worthy cause. but. 12 hours of time and a half sounds vaguely okay. just so long as i get my coursework done. i feel an all nighter coming on. i may blog again at 3am, laughing manically and drinking toblerone juice.
reasons why simon is another blogger who’s going away for a little while:

i believe it will be good for me. there are a lot of practical reasons for me to get off the computer for a while. i have all my music coursework to finish by monday, a stack of maths and physics papers to plough through and a weekend full of woolworths (which i am dreading, but i need the money). i’m also tired, still. i planned to use last week to catch up on the sleep that i had been missing since january. unfortunately a bout of strange insomnia decided it also wanted to use that week to show itself. so this week i am trying to sleep, do amounts of work i never thought possible, earn money and all that jazz. i don’t really have any time.

another reason: as you’ll probably have gathered by the rather garbled nature of the last few day’s postings, my head is a bit full of random things at the moment. truth is, they’re not random at all, there are several, large, clearly defined things which i’m thinking about at the moment. it all takes time.

lastly, i’m a bit fed up of the internet at the moment. i’m fed up of internet rows, which graybo discussed earlier on. and. y’know. correspondence i had with nick earlier made me realise that i’m not happy at the moment. fundamentally. so, time for a change.

it’s not drastic. i’m not going to be gone long. probably be back at the weekend or just after. in the meantime you can visit all the blogs i list in my visit daily section at the side. because they’re groovy. and e-mail me with random things
Tuesday, April 17, 2001
sorry about yesterday’s crypticness. i’ve got a lot of stuff in my head at the moment. but my brain is tired, and it takes me time to think things through. and well, before i can seize my day, i have to make sure i’m mentally ready. {oh god, i’m being cryptic again. i’ll just shut up now}.
beany (the cat) had a tooth out earlier. when he got home, he went and sat by the front door, not moving. he tried to walk about, but he kept tripping. he’s okay though now. i think he’s hungry. rather amusing, though. and we managed to get the oil off him from the other day.

another silly american Weakest Link link {stolen from Davo}: audience members banned from wearing bright clothes (in case they detract from anne’s evil, black, welsh-hating trenchcoat).

and. luke celebrates 50000 hits. graybo celebrates 10000. i celebrate…7615. half of those were in the last month or so. eep.

Monday, April 16, 2001
i had a dream last night. i dreamt i was dreaming. the end of the world was nigh, and everyone seemed to have become resigned to the fact. after all, if the world’s going to end, what can one person do about it? [not even my dreams are as silly as your average hollywood blockbuster styley ‘one man race to save humanity’]. so we were all going about our mundane tasks, knowing that sometime soon everything would end. but then i started questioning myself. on leaving friends, i’d think ‘that might well be the last i’ll see of them’. ‘that’ll be the last special hot chocolate i have from opus’. ‘why am i just waiting like this?’. i didn’t like it. i woke myself up out of the dream, into the main dream, where i was comforted by my family who said it was all nonsense. then michael fish announced, whilst doing the weather forecast, that the world was going to end. i woke myself up completely, punched myself and went to the toilet to make sure i was awake.
is that carpe diem thing still troubling my subconscious? evidently so. yesterday i sent a very important e-mail. its content, whilst by no means irrelevant, was perhaps secondary to the deed itself. i’d seized the moment and done something which i’m eventually going to have to do on a wider scale. but i’m not going to say anything more about that