Truckfest: great bands, good times, vodka and orange, and painfully skipping records in the Tea Tent. The Raveonettes rocked, The Magic Numbers made me give up trying to sing and just shout a bit instead, and The Young Knives looked surprisingly like Accountants That ROCK At The Weekend! Rather than take photos of any of that though, we just took photos of each other looking hot, like so

Meanwhile, there’s a little development in the world of Sable & Shuck – the folks behind the game are still deliberating over who came closest to solving the final puzzle, and gave us the method for solving it – which still leaves us with a frustrating amount of unknowns. Like the sucker I am, though, I’m trying to solve it anyway.

As my mother always taught me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, the least you can do is make yourself prettier. C’est kinda shiny, non? I’m working on a bunch of different stuff at the moment, and when you’ve gone through a bit of a rest-cycle (ahem) you forget how long it takes to even do the stuff you consider easy. It’s nice to be busy, though!

While I am sadly not geeking out at ARGfest, I am attending the adorable Truck Festival near Oxford this weekend with my droogs. It’s a rather intimate affair, with only a few thousand people, and some stages not much bigger than your bathroom, but it makes it really easy to great (and bizzare) new bands. Do Me Bad Things were my personal “I don’t know what this is, but I like it!” act of last year, and hopefully there’ll be some suitable heirs to the throne this time around.

I love melon!

Aaaand then last week I was working at the Glade Festival, just ten minutes down the road from me, selling watermelons and citron pressè to thirsty hippies. It was scorchingly hot all weekend, and although I don’t know my techno from my elbow, it was one of the nicest festivals I’ve been to – great atmosphere, an unexpectedly high proportion of beautiful people, lots of fun “extra” stuff like the open mic tent (I tried to drink myself into performing, but unfortunately unconsciousness struck first) and not a dodgy kebab van in sight. Now it’s the aforementioned Truck8, then the twin traditional depravities of Felix’s and Seb’s summer parties, then on to Summer Sundae which I am rabidly excited about, before a bit of a kip and Reading Festival.