Saturday, May 26, 2001
As desperation takes hold… my next-door-neighbour and fellow-physicist Iain has set up his computer to show him this whenever he tries to look at one of his favourite sites.

Interesting article about the world of scientific publishing. It seems that a few large publishing firms are able to charge huge subscriptions for journals despite the scientists submitting their work for free – and they are also refusing to put full archives online. This was something I found frustrating when I was doing my literature review this year, and it looks like a backlash may be starting.Friday, May 25, 2001
Feeling inexplicably happy and unstressed today, despite the impending exams – Cambridge is beautiful in the sun, even when you’re walking to the Cavendish. Will probably start worrying again as soon as I try to do some more work though…

Minor niggle in that we got a strongly worded letter from college explaining that we are required to leave by 10am on Friday 22 June in order for them to prepare for vacation course students to arrive. ‘No exceptions can be granted for reasons of transport inconvenience’ – because obviously all parents are going to be able to get the Friday off work to bring stuff home. And I’ve got a ticket for Corpus May Ball on the Friday night. Just one of those instances where college make it obvious that students don’t bring in nearly enough money to make them their primary concern. Ooh, an article from the Guardian about Physics at Cambridge. It paints rather a rosy picture. Doesn’t seem to mention the fact that the first year course is deliberately made so intimidating that most of the people who came intending to carry on with Physics give up, and if “we are fortunate to have such a good set of lecturers” I’d hate so see a bad set. Does make the fourth year sound cool though, so there’s hope yet.Oh God, it’s begun. The Big Brother website is back in business with details of the ten contestants. Four noomeejahoors, a table dancer who lists her interests as “Masturbation and painting dolls house furniture”, a bloke called Bubble and an neurotic english teacher. Hmm, I really shouldn’t get hooked on this again should I.

US Senate correction – apparently the Democrats did control the Senate briefly between November 2000, when the current batch of senators were elected, and January 2001, when Bush and Cheney officially took over, as until then Al Gore still held the casting vote. Thanks Brooke!
Thursday, May 24, 2001
From today’s 3rd Year English exam:

When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on
It’s tragedy
When you lose control and you got no soul
It’s tragedy”Excellent news as the US Senator, James Jeffords, who was expected to leave the Republicans today did so, giving the Democrats control of the Senate for the first time since 1994 and seriously hindering Bush’s plans for drilling in the Alaska wildlife refuge, National Missile Defence and appointing far right wing judges.

New CDs for what seems like the first time in ages today – Can Our Love… by Tindersticks, and the In The Fishtank mini-album collaboration of Low and Dirty Three. More on those when I’ve had time to listen to them.